“Renovating established lawns is an important process to improve overall turf health”.

Benefits Include:

  • Relief from compaction
  • Thatch removed to allow better oxygen flow and nutrient / water uptake.
  • Healthier turf stand
  • Allows better drainage through core aeration
  • Creates a more level surface


 Only Renovate When Lawn is Actively Growing Starting Early September-January with Warm Season Lawns.


Use your Rotary Mower for this(Don’t be as aggressive with Buffalo).

 Core Aeration

Hire out a machine e.g: https://www.kennards.com.au/lawn-corer-petrol.html     

Scarify Two directions 

 (this helps the soil thatch layer).


Use washed pit sand, 90/20, 80/20 or a sandy loam. Make sure it’s washed to avoid weed seeds in your mix.   


Use a fert that has a bit more kick. I recommend either Lawn Tips Dominate to help extra nitrogen or Reinstate which is designed for lawn renovations and repair.        

 Pre-emergent and Insecticide Treatment 

Once you renovation is complete you can apply your pre-emergent and insecticde to help prevent weeds and pests for 6 months. My two favourite options are Barricade or Spartan (pre-emergents) and Acelepryn (insecticide)

How To Treat Your Lawn After a Renovation

  • Water a little more than usual. Aim for every two days. I usually recommend you “baby it back to health.” Sand can dry out your lawn quickly.
  • Do your first mow with a rotary mower when the lawn has grown through most of the sand. 

When Can I Go Back To Normal Practices?

Once your lawn has grown through and nearly filled in completely you can go back to your normal routine.

  • Mowing 1-2 times a week (if you can)  
  • Watering your lawn with ½”-1” of water per week (depending on the season) always water ½” each time you water.
  • Fertilise every 8-10 weeks with a slow release fert. Lawn Tips Dominate or Stimulate are great options for season long use. 
  • Use a wetting agent once every 3-4 weeks because of the Australian Conditions. (will help save water) 


2 thoughts on “Lawn Renovations”

  1. I have seeded Tall Fescue RTF and is 6 months old and I I wanted to know if top dressing can be down as I have some low spots in my lawn.
    What do I look for when ordering fill
    and is it worth doing all the lawn in one go or just do the low areas only.

    1. Hey Michael,

      You can topdress now for sure mate. Great time of year to do it as well since it will be actively growing.
      I’d recommend you ask for a washed topdressing soil or you could also go with washed sand. If you can find something like 80/20 sand that’s even better.

      You can do either the whole lawn or just the low areas. Comes down to how much you want to spend on materials. If I was going ahead and doing it, personally I’d do the whole lawn and fill in the lower spots with more material.

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