MP Safe K

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MP SAFE K is an advanced, stabilized potassium citrate solution crafted for superior absorption and soil integration. This liquid fertilizer is expertly designed to facilitate easier uptake by plants and ensure consistent soil quality. This unique formula enriches plant health in a multitude of ways:

  • Enhances plants’ disease resistance by maintaining a healthy balance between proteins and amino acids.
  • Helps to control the depletion of stored sugars during the natural respiration process.
  • Provides resilience against the strain of dry conditions and the heat of summer.
  • Maintains moisture and cell firmness, leading to improved performance and durability in high temperatures.
  • Counteracts the adverse effects of salt buildup, which can be caused by frequent irrigation with reclaimed water.

With MP SAFE K, your crops gain the vital potassium they need to thrive, packaged in an accessible form that promotes overall plant vigour and stress tolerance.

Label: MP Safe K Label

Weight 20 kg


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