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Acelepryn GR

Acelepryn GR

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Product Overview

Acelepryn GR is a granular lawn insecticide designed to provide long-lasting control of grubs and other lawn pests. Its innovative formula ensures effective protection without harming beneficial insects.

Key Benefits

  • Long-lasting grub and pest control (African Black Beetle larvae, Billbug larvae, Argentinian Scarab larvae, Lawn Armyworm. Cutworm, Sod Webworm)
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Easy-to-apply granular formula
  • Protects your lawn from root damage

Application Instructions

  • Apply evenly over the lawn using a spreader
  • Water the lawn lightly after application
  • Reapply as needed based on the level of infestation
  • Rate: 1.5kg/100m2


  • How often should I apply Acelepryn GR?
    • Apply as needed, typically once every season for effective control.
  • Is it safe for my pets?
    • Yes, it is safe for pets when used as directed.