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Perennial Ryegrass Lawn Plan (NSW, VIC, SA and TAS)

Perennial Ryegrass Lawn Plan (NSW, VIC, SA and TAS)

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This plan is designed after how I looked after my own Perennial Ryegrass Lawn

Ever get confused on what to apply to your lawn and when?

Need a Schedule for 12 months?

This is the plan for you! This Perennial Ryegrass Turf Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Product recommendations

  • Application Timing (pre-emergent timing, renovation timing etc)

  • Turf Practices

  • Extra Tips regarding applications

This plan is a guideline and can be used as a yearly plan year after year. You can move products around and use other products in place of what I’ve recommended (e.g.: Use different granular fertilisers etc.)

This plan is designed for beginner to intermediate lawn enthusiasts and if there is ever a question or something you don’t understand you can contact me at

This Plan Suits All Perennial Ryegrass Varieties