Bow and Arrow Herbicide

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Controls clover, bindii and other broadleaf weeds

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Bow & Arrow is a weed killer (herbicide), designed specifically for the removal of common broadleaf weeds like bindi weed, clover plus many others. All without harming your lawn, it’s safe on common lawn grasses including buffalo grass, Kikuyu grass and couch grass. It’s a professional formulation containing 3 active ingredients giving it broad spectrum control of many lawn weeds. It’s the weed control product that we and other professionals recommend.


For the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds including:
• White Clover, Bindis, Creeping Oxalis & MANY others
• Safe on all lawns including Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu
• For small weeds add a small amount of Wet Out to stick and spread


Active Constituents:

20 g/L CLOPYRALID present as the potassium salt
300 g/L MCPA present as the potassium salt


Bow and Arrow Herbicide Label: Bow and Arrow Label



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